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Issue 2: Devils    Dedicated to Raúl Ruiz and Gilbert Adair





Cinema is Another Life Raúl Ruiz

A Letter to My Dead Friend Gilbert Adair About Blindness Alexander García Düttmann

A Letter Dana Linssen

Chantal Akerman: The Pajama Interview Nicole Brenez

Chantal Akerman: The Integrity of Exile and the Everyday Jonathan Rosenbaum

Almayer's Folly: Synopsis and Statement of Intent Chantal Akerman

Seeing For Others? Alexander García Düttmann

Aesthetic Risk and Deficit Thinking: Some Profit and Loss Statements about Cinema and Thought Helen Grace

Revolution of the Head: Vilém Flusser Adrian Martin

Filming Bombs: On Farocki's War at a Distance Sarinah Masukor

A Dangerous Method Janine Burke

A Bright Darkness: Masao Adachi Cloe Masotta

Sustaining the Festive Principle: Between Realism and Pleasure in Institution-Building Meaghan Morris

The Cinematic in Expanded Fields at the 54th Venice Biennale Justine Grace

Cine-Letters, Rotterdam 2012 Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin

The Theory Demon and the Mad Traveller Edward Colless

Notes on Contributors

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